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Payment For Courses Via PAYPAL
The Foundation Cutting Course £295.00 (inc VAT)
The Advance Cutting Course £200,00 (inc VAT)
Cut Throat Razor Course £150.00 (inc VAT)
The X-Tenso Course £100.00 (inc VAT)
The Bridal Hair Course £150.00 (inc VAT)
Balmain Hair Extensions Course £350.00 (inc VAT)
La-Brasiliana Hair Course £100.00 (inc VAT)

Beauty Courses

1. VTCT Level 2 Certificate in Beauty Specialist Techniques £1,395.00

Pay a deposit for Beauty Course 1 £500.00

2. VTCT Level 2 Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatments £250.00

3. VTCT Level 2 Provide Facial Skincare £250.00     


4. VTCT Level 2 Remove Hair Using Waxing Techniques £250.00

5. VTCT Level 2 Provide Manicure Treatments

6. VTCT Level 2 Provide Pedicure Treatments  £250.00

Pay A deposit for Beauty Courses 2-6 of £50.00:

7. Bronzed Up Spray Tan Course £55.00

8. Ear Piercing Course

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